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# 5505 von air jordans
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Retro shoes and clothing, Air Jordans Retro Mens
especially when it's of the pricey couture variety, keeps and even increases its value because it's authentically from a period long gone. As a result, it's quite common for some Retro clothes to cost a lot of cash. A lot of these garments are manufactured from fabrics which are not used presently, hence the reason for their costly nature. The calibre of artistry and design may be miles better than what is available these days. Furthermore, as many of these goods are rather rare, people are very happy to pay for their 'uniqueness'. Such items were made one after the other, the majority of the detail hand-crafted, creating articles of clothing which endure bums and bruises.
Like all other rare products and items that you can purchase, for example famous fine art or an antique collectible stuffed animal, certain retro shoes and clothes are thought of as collectors' items. The popularity of these shirts or dresses nowadays is therefore astronomically high. Just like the rising appreciation for antique homes, everyone is showing marked attention to clothes which are of legitimately Retro make or happen to be Retro-inspired. People see that these particular clothes supply a distinctive sense of personality and history. This could be explained by the 'Golden Age' syndrome, where people think earlier times is the perfect place.
If you feel, at this point, you won't ever be able to afford new air jordan shoes and clothes, don't worry! It's only the most exclusive products that cost a whole lot of money. For anyone who is interested in Retro clothing for the fun of glamming-up your wardrobe, you are in for an enjoyable ride. You will enjoy Retro clothing, be fashionable, and indulge your chic, graceful, and stylish side without having to spend a fortune.
So, should you wish to spend a little bit yet still look superb, listen up, as listed here are my tips. First of all, it's possible to improve your style level simply by buying a few key Retro items to mix-and-match together with your present clothing collection. A Retro piece can perform wonders when partnered off with a contemporary item of apparel. You might also want to consider attaining some old style accessories. By merely complementing your favorite modern-day outfit with a retro accessory, like a hat, buckle, headscarf of ring, you may improve the classiness of your look even further.
Next, don't close your mind to doing retro air jordans low price
. As an illustration, a dress could very well be shortened with only one or two choice cuts. Simply by making just the most miniscule of changes, you can actually change your costume into something else entirely. 'What is the point in making these adjustments?' you may ask. Well, just like any fashion guru will tell you, modifications can give your ensemble more charm and depth. If the outfit generally speaking doesn't possess much appeal, but you're interested in it due to its exquisite, hand-embroidered collar or another dress detail, you can make utilization of only this part and utilize it for making an additional ensemble attention-catching precisely due to these features. You can perform the modifications your self. There are lots of do-it-yourself videos on the internet. If you don't possess the self-confidence for huge adjustments, you can acquire assistance from a competent tailor.
Last but not least, choose the best places to shop when it comes to retro shoes and clothes. Make sure that you investigate a nearby charity stores, second hand suppliersComputer Technology Articles, car boot sales - it may be truly stunning what golden nuggets are often lurking in places like this!

# 5504 von air jordans
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We've all seen the return of retro fashion - today's styles sport bell bottoms and hip huggers,authentic nike shoes tosses in some Harvest Gold and Avocado Green (although renamed to "Burnished Wheat" and "Dried Thyme") and gives new life to looks many of us swore 20 years ago that we'd never wear again. Old styles with a new twist are being incorporated into more than just fashion and
clothing; retro style is expanding into home décor and lighting design.The revival of retro style tweaks the original design to bring it up to date with modern variations. Elements of the original design, such as the fun shapes of a 70's pop art lamp, are combined with today's colors for a new take on a distinctive style. The shape and feel may remain the same while patterns and colors are taken from a contemporary palette.
Home Décor gone Retro
A few years ago, we were seeing oversized everything. From the ubiquitous "chair and a half" to enormous great rooms and soaring ceilings, home décor was about filling the ever-expanding homes that were being built all across the country.
Now we are seeing a return to coziness and warmth - an appreciation for the feel of small, intimate spaces, the richness of opulent finishes and the comfort of warm colors. Interiors are becoming less cluttered and fussy, with a focus on shape and New discount retro air jordans.
The 70's and Beyond
Retro style is more than just a return to the far-out, groovy styles of the 60's and 70's. Retro style embraces a return to "modern classics" from a number of eras, including the craftsmanship of Tiffany-style lamps and the inspired design of a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair.
Pre-war furnishings with cleaner lines and modernist styling are mixing seamlessly with pieces on the market today,
such as Eames bentwood chairs and the Eileen Gray screen. While style trends do reoccur, they're never exactly the same as the original. Retro cheap nike shoes change, manufacturing processes change and we change - our experiences and sensitivities create a different environment from the original era.
2017 Nike Free Shoes?
So why is retro style so incredibly popular? Many of the original pieces and furnishings were not the most useable or comfortable when they were brand new - why bring them back again?
It can be a backlash of living in a technological age, making us willing to sacrifice a little comfort to regain the aesthetics and look of a different era. It can also be a reaction to the uncertainty of the times, creating a longing for the comfort of a simpler time.
Retro style can evoke the nostalgia of rummaging through Grandma's attic and finding the lamp that you remember seeing when you were a childFree Web Content, or the fun of finding an old dressing table from the 50's gathering dust in a storage shed.

# 5503 von air jordans
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Air Jordans-famous Air Jordans Retro Mensrules the athletic shoe industry and also the hearts of millions of other people. Bold and Beautiful, these two words perfectly describe the Jordan shoes. History tells us that Nike’s Air Jordan owes it’s popularity to the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. Though Nike was not a preferred brand by Michael Jordan, he gave Nike’s idea to launch a new series of shoes called Air Jordan a try. After a meet with the top officials of Nike he decided to endorse this brand. The rest is of course history.
Nike flouted the conventional trend of white shoes for basketball by coming up with bold red and black colors for its shoes. Nike created various versions of the same brand and each version was different from the previous one. First Air Jordan also known as AJ-1 was launched in the year
1985. There are total of 21 versions of the Air Jordan air jordan shoes The AJ-3 was a revolutionary shoe as it had a visible air unit at its heel. The sales of this particular version when first retroed was poor but later when re-retroed it went up. The price of these shoes is as high as $300, which is truly a lot of money. The AJ-3 was Michael Jordan’s favorite ones. Latest version AJ-21 was released in 2006 in red, black and white colors costing $175. You have to pay an extra $5 for suede color way. Interestingly many new varieties of the Air Jordan shoes are lined up for release in the year 2007. Many of you may be waiting for the release of Jordan 5 Black/Metallic Silver with bated breath. new air jordan shoesWell your wait will end on 18th January 2007, which is its release date.Many of you want to own a pair of Air Jordan shoes but finding one, which matches your style posed a difficulty, right? But not any more, because there are so many online stores which sell used, new, rare, and many other varieties of these shoes that you have great choices. You have to select the one which you want, which matches your taste and also your pocket. retro air jordans low priceYou can own an Air Jordan and you don’t have to spend a lot of time for that. Isn’t that simply great?These sites give you an authentic review of all the varieties and also help you to choose in case you have difficulty doing that. All these sites offer you great deals too if you log in to buy at the right time. Jordan shoes are big hits with the search engines too. Just type Air Jordan and you will find a variety of online stores, which sell or buy these shoes.

# 5502 von air jordans
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Jordan is a kingdom which is situated on the East Bank of the River Jordan.It is basically a Middle Eastern country which is home to famous Jordan River, ancient city of Petra and the burial place of Moses at Mt. Nebo. Jordan tourist destinations have historic relevance to them due to which many tourists come here.Cheap air sjordans for saleAir Jordans Retro Mens Amman, the capital of Jordan since 1921 is also known as the “white city”. The Jabal areas of Amman are home to many excellent hotels. The lively central market portrays a traditional city. Here you will find the remains of Greek, Ottoman Turk and Roman occupations. The Roman amphitheater of second century A.D. is the center of the city.
You can also visit Jebel el Qalat which is home to the National Gallery of Fine Arts, Archaeological Museum and the Popular Museum of Costume and Jewelry. This city is therefore one of the most favorite Jordan tourist destinations among travelers.
River Jordan is a sacred spot of Christians where Christ was baptized. This river is 250 kilometers long and it flows on the famous Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is considered to be the lowest point on the planet which is 400 meters below the sea level. It is known to have medicinal properties and helps in curing skin diseases. This place is also one of the significant Jordan tourist destinations and is in fact the subject of many researches and studies.
Jerash is a Graeco-Roman city which is preserved by the deserts sands. This site is famous for the Hippodrome, Triumph Arch, the Theaters, Wholesale cheap air jordansthe Great Elliptical Forum, Roman Bridge and Temple of Artemis. Al Karak is famous for Karak Castle. This castle was built during the 1140s. Its design was influenced by Arab and European styles.Aqaba is the Jordan's only port known for its excellent beach and water sports facility. It also has many good restaurants and small shops. Here you can enjoy scuba diving, windsurfing, diving and fishing. Petra is a colored city which was carved out of rocks. It has many structures such as the Royal Tombs, Monastery and Treasury. It also has the High Place of Sacrifice and the Roman Theater.You can do shopping in Aqaba, Irbid and Amman. Amman is famous for its shopping malls, penthouses and luxury hotels. Jordan tourist destinations cover every aspect of tourism and it has indeed become an ideal place to visit.
The cuisines of Jordan offer a huge variety. Here you will find the variety of kebabs, sweets and many Middle Eastern dishes. Mansaf is the national dish of Jordan, it is basically a lamb cooked in yoghurt along with some herbs and spices and is served with
riceCheap Air Jordans RetroOther famous dish is Stuffed Baby Lamb, which is a roasted lamb stuffed with chopped onions, rice, nuts and raisins.

# 5501 von air jordans
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Air Jordan I.authentic nike shoesThese were in Red/Black colour scheme and were retroed in 1994, again in 2001 and again in 2002.Air Jordan II.These feature the same wingman logo as the I’s, after Michael Jordan broke his foot, many said the Jordan II did not give enough support.Italian designer made it could be said that they do not offer as good a performance as the I’s.They did not sell very well when released in the market.Air Jordan III.The new Air Jordan III led to the path for all Jordan’s to come.They also created the Jumpman logo, New discount retro air jordansthey also introduced the air unit in the rear of the sole.Air Jordan IV.The Air Jordan IV had the Jumpman logo on the tongue and was very hard to see any beauty in this design at all;
they were released in 1988/89, retroed in 1995, 1999, 2000, and 2004 and again in 2005, in many different colour schemes.Air Jordan V.These were in white with a silver tongue and red Jumpman logo in the tongue.Air Jordan VI.These were well accepted and in 1991 they had two eyeholes in the tongue and the air unit in the heel of the sole.They were retroed in 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2005.Air Jordan VII.1991-92 saw the release of the Air Jordan VII’s, very brightly coloured tongue and sole, designed from a piece of art at an art display.
Retro cheap nike shoesVIII.1992-93 saw the release of Jordan VIII, these caused controversy because they featured two strips that went over the laces and they had vibrant colours in the shoes.Air Jordan IX.These came out when Michael Jordan announced his retirement, on the base of the shoes were words in various languages, they also gave exceptional support and flexibility.Air Jordan X.These are special because on the sole of each shoe they list 10 major points in Michael Jordan’s career.1985 - Rookie of the Year.1985 - 63 points.1987 – Scoring title.1988 - Dunk Champ.1989 – All defence.1990 – Scores 63 points.1991 – MVP / Championship.1992 - MVP / Championship.1993 - MVP / Championship.1994 – Beyond.Air Jordan XI.The lightest Air Jordan’s ever.
Air Jordan XII.Air Jordan XII’s had few colour schemes and retroed in 2003/04.Air Jordan XIII.Are extremely good looking in any colour scheme.Air Jordan XIV.The last Jordan’s as these became known as Michael Jordan hit the final shot wearing these, released in 1998, retroed in 2005/06 in many varied colour schemes.2017 Nike Free ShoesXV.The ugliest of all the Jordan shoes.Air Jordan XVI.A relaxing pair with patent leather toecaps.Air Jordan XVII.Great hit, optimum performance.Air Jordan XVIII.One of the sexiest of Jordan’s.Air Jordan XIX.Designed on the Mamba snakeBusiness Management Articles, these are exceptional.Air Jordan XX.The simplistic style.

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My name is Simran Mehra and I am an independent hot model lives in Chennai. I am too shy to write this in front of you through my Agency website, I am work with Queen of good times agency If you are feeling alone and want to expend time with a pretty Model Female Chennai Escorts girl then it’s a good news for you to have a classic companion that you can always turn to me for help.
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# 5493 von timberland bleu femme
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BBC Sport - Milton Keynes Dons 5-1 Yeovil Town Dele Alli returned to MK Dons on loan after joining Tottenham in February MK Dons secured promotion to the Championship with a commanding victory over relegated Yeovil Town, as rivals Preston suffered defeat at Colchester. Needing to better Preston's result to go up,timberland chukka homme, Carl Baker fired in from 20 yards out to put the Dons ahead. Dean Lewington's free-kick doubled the lead, before Darren Potter and Will Grigg made it four before the break. Jordan Spence's own goal reduced the advantage, but Lewington's late second wrapped up the crucial three points. Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. Robinson on MK Dons' promotion Baker picked up Samir Carruthers's pass and shot low into the far corner to settle the home fans' nerves. Lewington's curling left-footed strike left Yeovil goalkeeper Artur Krysiak with no chance,timberland 6 inch femme, and the Dons captain then turned provider to set up the next two goals. The midfielder first nodded down for Potter to power in a close-range volley, before his cross was met by Grigg,timberland bleu femme, who headed in the club's 100th league goal of the season. Yeovil squandered their only chance of the half when Joel Grant fired over,timberland grise homme, but they did pull one back when Spence turned into his own net from close-range. Lewington's bullet header,timberland noir homme, coupled with George Moncur's late effort for Colchester, ensured that MK Dons reached the second tier for the first time in the club's history. MK Dons manager Karl Robinson told BBC Three Counties Radio: "I just feel numb. What an amazing 12 months we've had. A year ago we were playing Leyton Orient here in a nothing game and we were bowled over. "I'm just so proud of the players. Every single player gave their all from the first whistle to the last whistle of the season. It's an amazing day, we'll never ever forget it." Carl Baker (right) gave MK Dons the lead by firing into the bottom corner from 20 yards out Dean Lewington scored twice as MK Dons sealed second spot ahead of Preston Lineup, Bookings (2) & Substitutions (6) Milton Keynes Dons Substitutes Yeovil Town Substitutes Ref: Scott Duncan Att: 16,timberland rose femme,965 Match Stats Possession Shots On target Corners Fouls Live Text Commentary Full time Full Time Match ends, MK Dons 5, Yeovil Town 1. 90:00 +3:03 Full time Full Time Second Half ends, MK Dons 5, Yeovil Town 1. 90:00 +1:33 Attempt saved. Stephen Arthurworrey (Yeovil Town) right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the centre of the goal. 87:54 Attempt missed. Josh Sheehan (Yeovil Town) right footed shot from outside the box is close, but misses to the left. 83:11 Substitution Substitution Substitution,timberland 6 inch homme, Yeovil Town. Fergus Bell replaces Joel Grant. 83:00 Robert Hall (MK Dons) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 83:00 Foul by A-Jay Leitch-Smith (Yeovil Town). 78:53 Corner, MK Dons. Conceded by Kieffer Moore. 77:16 Foul by Dean Bowditch (MK Dons). 77:16 Nathan Smith (Yeovil Town) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 75:37 Foul by Dean Lewington (MK Dons). 75:37 Joel Grant (Yeovil Town) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 74:22 Substitution Substitution Substitution, MK Dons. Lee Hodson replaces Kyle McFadzean. 73:14 Goal scored Goal! Goal! MK Dons 5,timberland earthkeepers homme, Yeovil Town 1. Dean Lewington (MK Dons) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Ben Reeves following a set piece situation. 72:11 Substitution Substitution Substitution, MK Dons. Ben Reeves replaces Samir Carruthers. 71:47 Robert Hall (MK Dons) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 71:47 Foul by Seth Nana Ofori-Twumasi (Yeovil Town). 69:39 Jordan Spence (MK Dons) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 69:39 Foul by Kieffer Moore (Yeovil Town). 68:21 Substitution Substitution Substitution, MK Dons. Dean Bowditch replaces William Grigg. More Live Text Live data and text provided by our data suppliers Also related to this story Share this story Share this page

# 5492 von timberland 6 inch homme
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BBC Sport - England cricket team face dreadful six months - Mark Butcher England ODI captain Eoin Morgan was appointed less than two weeks before the tournament following the sacking of Alastair Cook England cricket team face dreadful six months - Mark Butcher Former England batsman Mark Butcher fears for English cricket's immediate future as it deals with the fallout of an early World Cup exit. England were knocked out of the one-day tournament after losing to Bangladesh. They next go to the West Indies for a Test series before meeting New Zealand and Australia in England this summer. Butcher told BBC Radio 5 live: "I can see it being an absolutely dreadful six months,timberland 6 inch femme, eight months of cricket for England." England's sorry exit,timberland earthkeepers homme, coming a year after a humiliating Ashes whitewash in Australia, has prompted calls for a reorganisation of English cricket,timberland vert homme, with some saying coach Peter Moores should go. England and Wales Cricket Board managing director Paul Downton said knee-jerk reactions to England's World Cup failure would not be made but admitted the side lacked world-class talent. And former Surrey opener Butcher,timberland vert femme, who played in 71 Tests for England - but never made a one-day international side - said New Zealand and Australia in particular would be too good for England. The bulk of both Test teams is likely to be drawn from the sides that landed heavy World Cup defeats on England - New Zealand winning by eight wickets and Australia outclassing Moores's side with a 111-run victory. "We're going to be playing against New Zealand in the first part of the summer at Test match cricket and that team, I'm afraid,timberland bleu femme, with things the way they are,timberland chukka homme, are going to give us an absolute hiding,timberland 6 inch homme," he said. "And when Australia come - just don't watch,timberland noir homme, hide behind the sofa." Also related to this story Share this story Share this page

# 5491 von timberland chukka homme
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BBC Sport - Liverpool's Jordan Henderson close to ?100,timberland vert homme,000-a-week deal Henderson joined Liverpool from Sunderland in 2011 Liverpool's Jordan Henderson close to ?100,timberland grise femme,000-a-week deal By Ben Smith BBC Sport Liverpool's Jordan Henderson is close to agreeing a new ?100,timberland chukka homme,000-a-week,timberland grise homme, five-year deal with the club. The former Sunderland midfielder is expected to sign the new contract this week,timberland vert femme, ending months of talks. The England international joined Liverpool from the Black Cats in 2011 in a deal worth around ?20m. With Steven Gerrard leaving at the end of the season for Major League Soccer side LA Galaxy,timberland 6 inch homme, the 24-year-old is among the favourites for the captaincy. Vice-captain Henderson,timberland noir femme, whose current deal expires at the end of next season,timberland rose femme, has scored seven times in 55 games for club and country this campaign. Also related to this story Share this story Share this page

# 5490 von timberland noir femme
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BBC Sport - Euro 2016 qualifiers: Ex-Swan Itay Shechter in Israel squad Itay Shechter spent the 2012-2013 season on loan at Swansea Euro 2016 qualifiers: Ex-Swan Itay Shechter in Israel squad Euro 2016 qualifier: Israel v Wales Venue: Sammy Ofer Stadium. Haifa Date: 28 March, 2015 Kick-off: 17:00 BST Coverage: Live commentary on BBC Radio Wales, Radio Cymru and the BBC Sport website Former Swansea City striker Itay Shechter has been named in Israel's squad for Saturday's Euro 2016 qualifier against Wales. Charlton defender Tal Ben Haim, Celtic's Nir Bitton and Beram Kayal of Brighton have also been included in coach Eli Guttman's 25-man squad. Israel top the group having won all three of their games so far. Wales are a point behind in second with two wins and two draws from their four games. Israel squad: Ofir Marciano (FC Ashdod), Ariel Harush (Maccabi Netanya), Guy Haimov (Hapoel Kiryat Shmona),timberland vert femme, Eli Dasa (Beitar Jerusalem) Oded Elkayam (Hapoel Kiryat Shmona ),timberland rose femme, Tal Ben Haim (Charlton Athletic ), Rami Gershon (KAA Gent), Omeri Ben Harush (Maccabi Tel-Aviv), Eytan Tibi (Maccabi Tel-Aviv),timberland 6 inch femme, Taleb Tawatha (Maccabi Haifa), Sheran Yeini (Maccabi Tel-Aviv),timberland noir homme, Nir Biton (Celtic), Bebras Natcho (PFC CSKA Moskva),timberland grise homme, Eran Zahavi (Maccabi Tel-Aviv FC), Beram Kayal (Brighton & Hove Albion) Maor Buzaglo (Hapoel Beer Sheva), Tal Ben Haim II (Maccabi Tel-Aviv), Lior Refaelov (Club Brugge KV),timberland grise femme, Roi Kehat (Hapoel Kiryat Shmona), Omer Damari (FK Austria Wien), Tomer Hemed (UD Almer��a), Etey Shechter (Maccabi Haifa),timberland noir femme, Elyaniv Barda (Hapoel Beer Sheva),timberland 6 inch homme, Munas Dabbur (Grasshopper Club), Ben Sahar (Willem II). Also related to this story Share this story Share this page

# 5489 von KLG Asli
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Obat Perangsang Cair adalah ramuan yang khusus di buat untuk meningkatkan gairah seksual wanita atau pria yang sudah menurun karena faktor usia yang bertambah, Obat Perangsang sangat cocok sekali buat pasangan anda yang kurang agresif saat bercinta ketika pasangan anda meminumnya akan kembali liar lagi saat di ranjang. Obat Perangsang Wanita sangat tepat untuk digunakan wanita karena kebanyakan semakin bertambahnya usia wanita nafsu seksualnya semakin berkurang jadi sungguh tepat sekali kalo kita gunakan ke pasangan kita

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Obat Perangsang Cair adalah ramuan yang khusus di buat untuk meningkatkan gairah seksual wanita atau pria yang sudah menurun karena faktor usia yang bertambah, Obat Perangsang sangat cocok sekali buat pasangan anda yang kurang agresif saat bercinta ketika pasangan anda meminumnya akan kembali liar lagi saat di ranjang. Obat Perangsang Wanita sangat tepat untuk digunakan wanita karena kebanyakan semakin bertambahnya usia wanita nafsu seksualnya semakin berkurang jadi sungguh tepat sekali kalo kita gunakan ke pasangan kita

# 5487 von timberland grise femme
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BBC Sport - County Championship: Alex Hales century punishes Yorkshire Alex Hales says playing in the World Cup for England taught him to bat without fear County Championship: Alex Hales century punishes Yorkshire LV= County Championship Division One,timberland vert femme, Trent Bridge (day one) Nottinghamshire 393-7: Hales 222no,timberland earthkeepers homme, J Taylor 59 Yorkshire Notts 4pts, Yorkshire 2pts Match scorecard Alex Hales made the highest score of his first-class career as Notts dominated the opening day against Yorkshire at Trent Bridge. The England one-day batsman struck a six and 37 fours in a superlative 250-ball innings of 222 not out. James Taylor (59) shared a third-wicket stand of 171 as the home side piled up 393-7 by close of play. Yorkshire gave a debut to 17-year-old seam bowler Matthew Fisher and he took the wicket of Brendan Taylor for 27. Hales' previous best Before his double century against Yorkshire,timberland grise homme, Alex Hales' highest first-class score was 184 against Somerset at Trent Bridge in 2011 The defending champions were again without six players on tour with England in the West Indies, but welcomed back captain Andrew Gale from suspension. He opted to field after winning the toss, but with Hales quickly into his stride after Steven Mullaney was lbw to Steve Patterson for 27, he had reason to reflect on his decision. After Fisher had Zimbabwe opener Taylor taken at first slip,timberland vert homme, also for 27, Notts dominated the afternoon session, adding 176 runs for the loss of James Taylor and Samit Patel to Jack Brooks (2-90). Hales brought up his hundred off 131 balls with two fours in the space of three deliveries from Fisher and continued in the same vein after tea,timberland chukka homme, passing 200 for the first time in his career with a boundary through the covers off Tim Bresnan. He rounded things off with three fours in an over from Will Rhodes before play came to an end when Patterson (2-5cool had Will Gidman caught for eight. Nottinghamshire batsman Alex Hales: "It's a very proud day for me to make that score against the county champions and against a very good attack. "I'm very pleased with how the day has gone, it has been one of those days where all the shots I've tried have come off. "They bowled pretty well at me in the morning session, but I knew if I got through it,timberland rose femme, it would become easier and I'd be all right." "This year I want to make as many big scores as I can in this format because it's still my dream to play Test cricket." Yorkshire captain Andrew Gale: "We weren't at our best today but fair play to Alex Hales. "I thought he played really well - a chanceless innings really - but we only bowled to 60 or 70 per cent of our potential. "It was a good toss to win,timberland 6 inch femme, there was plenty in the wicket in the first session,timberland 6 inch homme, but we didn't utilise it. "I hope we can get it right in the morning and bowl them out quickly." Also related to this story Share this story Share this page

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BBC Sport - Diving World Series: Tom Daley 'fitter and stronger' than ever Daley will take part in the World Championships in Kazan, Russia,timberland bleu femme, this summer Diving World Series: Tom Daley 'fitter and stronger' than ever By Nick Hope BBC Olympic sports reporter London Diving World Series: Venue: London Aquatics Centre Dates: 1-3 May 2015 Coverage: All sessions featuring finals are live on the BBC Sport website and IPTV, with the men's 10m platform final also live on BBC Three from 19:00 on 3 May. Check listings for the latest Red Button showings. Tom Daley says he is more motivated than ever to prove he can be the best diver in the world again. The London Olympic bronze medallist won World Championship gold in 2009,timberland earthkeepers homme, but has not topped a World Series event since April 2013. However, the Briton came an impressive second in Dubai earlier this month and contests the London leg of the World Series this weekend. "I feel the fittest, strongest and most dedicated I ever have," said Daley. "The new strength and conditioning programme is helping me jump higher and that makes the dives easier." Daley,timberland noir homme, who competes on Sunday,timberland chukka homme, continued: "I've changed my diet and even the amount that I sleep so my mind-set has changed because I know these next two years are so important." Following his third-place finish at London 2012 Daley has experienced what he describes as a "rollercoaster" few years,timberland 6 inch homme, with injuries, his relocation from Plymouth to London and making public that he is in a relationship with another man all providing challenges. However, the diver admits he is now in a better place mentally - achieved in part by replacing what had become known as his 'demon dive',timberland 6 inch femme, after the backwards 2.5 somersault with 2.5 twists in the piked position first gave him problems at London, with a new routine. The 20-year-old debuted the 'front 3.5 somersault,timberland vert homme, and one twist' dive with mixed success at the British Championships in February, but hopes it can boost his prospects of success at future events. "Being able to take away the old 'twister' dive is a real weight off my shoulders and it's taken the stress off knowing I can go into training and enjoy it again," Daley told BBC Sport. "I'm already scoring more with the new routine than I was with the old one and it's certainly starting to feel more consistent." This is a crucial season for British divers, who can secure their places at next year's Rio Olympics at this summer's World Championships in Kazan,timberland noir femme, Russia. Following the London leg there are two further World Series competitions - in Canada and Mexico - before the Kazan Worlds. Daley hopes a supportive home crowd in London can help him gain a confidence-boosting victory going into an important few months. "I have so many amazing memories of this pool from London 2012 and even though I train here every day it's still so special," he says. "To win in front of a home crowd and all of my friends and family would just mean so much." London Diving World Series schedule: Day: Events (finals) Friday 1 May Women's 10m synchro final (12:00)
Men's 10m synchro final (13:02)
Women's 3m synchro final (19:00)
Men's 3m synchro final (19:55) Saturday 2 May Women's 3m springboard final (18:00)
Men's 3m springboard final (18:55)
Mixed 3m springboard final (19:56) Sunday 3 May Men's 10m platform final (19:00)
Women's 10m platform final (20:17)
Mixed 10m platform final (21:19) Also related to this story Share this story Share this page

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